It´s fun… It´s simple… and it works…

It´s the Vocal Workout Of The Day – Powered by Zangger

Welcome to Vocal Workout Of The Day. This is a fun and extremely effective workout-singing programme specifically designed for the popular music singer.

In 100 days with 46 different exercises you are guided through all vocal aspects to get your voice in ultimate shape for singing popular music.

You don’t have to worry about when, what and how you should workout. So now it´s easier than ever to keep your voice in shape – no more excuses – just dig in.

Top Vocal Coach Daniel Zangger Borch Ph.D. has designed this optimal vocal workout-system for singers. In perfect you will be guided through all aspects needed to make your voice reach and stay in the perfect shape, entitled VocalWOD.

We are building vocal strength on exercises where we sustain pitch, loudness and phrases. We work on vocal endurance with dynamic exercises that increase and decrease activity in different muscle groups and muscle fibers.

We develop our mobility on exercises that challenge our vocal range, agility and flexibility.

The 100 days is broken down into 10 periods where each period consists of intensive workouts, mixed workouts, medium workouts, technique workouts, rest days and voice massage days. Presented in optimal balance for vocal fitness.

The keys and ranges are set according to the average of top 40 on Billboard to adapt to the demands of modern popular music singer. Of course it is very important that you do not sing higher or lower than you master without straining or pushing your voice.

The VocalWOD´s are built on solid knowledge of the physiology of the voice and how different muscle types are developed in combination with The Zangger method (songlike exercises). This guarantees the most efficient transition from practice to performance.

You need to be familiar with the skills and melodies used in the workouts, they can be found in The Ultimate Vocal Voyage or purchase the 100 day workout book, where the whole workout setup and programming is explained.

Listen closely to the example’s, it is important that you are familiar with the melodies, key transposes and technique tasks before you start, as the VWOD should be sung continuously

The 10 different workout periods are named after legendary, deceased singers eg. Freddie Mercury.

Here´s an example of a medium workout day called Mercury nr 1.

1. w (warm up)

2. va (support)

3. wou (vocal sound check)

4. shi (falsetto register)

5. yea ya (chest register)

6. na u (separation of register)

7. bpm (consonant articulation)

8. a do no u (ghost notes – triplets)

9. m (cool down)

Purchase the 100 day workout book Vocal Workout Of The Day – Powered by Zangger – and get your voice into shape!