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The new, online home of Daniel Zangger Borch – one of Sweden’s most recognized vocal coaches, with a Ph.D. in Music Performance.

Daniel appears regularly as a high profile vocal coach for popular TV shows such as ‘Idol’, ‘True Talent’, ‘X-Factor’ and ‘Eurovision’ and is a top vocal coach both in Sweden and internationally.

Daniel also trains and approves Certified Zangger Vocal Coaches & Instructors, A Zangger Certification brings the highest quality coaching and teaching into the art of singing popular music.

Zangger Vocal Art is an international source for coaching, vocal production, state of the art products for singers, presentations and workshops.

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“I encourage all voice teachers to add this book to their collection”.

(Ultimate Vocal Voyage by Daniel Zangger Borch)

Dane Chalfin. Distinguished Voice rehabilitation specialist. The British Voice Association

“One of the best Vocal Coaches I know of is Daniel Zangger Borch. He coached me last year when I did ”Amazing” and was a huge support”.

Danny Saucedo. Chart-topping Swedish singer and Idol finalistArtist

“A ‘must-have’ core text for the contemporary vocalist”.

(Ultimate Vocal Voyage by Daniel Zangger Borch)

Kim Chandler. Leading session singer: The Bee Gees, Brian May, Björk – and many others

“Daniel’s (Zangger Borch) work has changed my performance. He managed to bring out what’s deep inside of me”.

Anna Bergendahl. Chart-topping Swedish singer, Idol finalist and Eurovision competitor.Artist

“You rarely find such a good example of how well a book and CD complement each other”.

(Stora sångguiden by Daniel Zangger Borch)

Björn E Olsberg. Founder and editor of "Studio" The nr. 1 music magazine in Scandinavia.Studio

“For an active singer with a good basic technique, Daniel’s book will provide new ideas and inspiration!”

(Stora sångguiden by Daniel Zangger Borch)

Katarina Josephsson. Editor, "Fotnoten".Fotnoten


Vocal Voyage


The world’s best-selling songbook by Zangger – in a new, expanded version with many new singing lessons. A modern way to learn how to sing. For singers, vocal coaches, singing teachers and more.

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Add The Element Of Surprise To Vocal Training

Knowledge sticks better if learning is underpinned by random variation - says Daniel Zangger Borch, one of Sweden's Top Vocal Coaches.

How Full-Time Singers Avoid Voice Trouble

Your voice is extremely dependent on your general physical and mental well-being - says Daniel Zangger Borch, one of Sweden's Top Vocal Coaches.

Post-Gig Voice Care

Winding down after a gig means lowering your pulse, slowing down your breathing and reducing adrenaline levels to preserver your voice - says Vocal coach Daniel Borch.

5 Steps To Count In Your Band

Daniel Zangger Borch is a masterful vocalist, producer and vocal coach. VoiceCouncil asked him how a singer can nail a count-in every time.

Daniel Zangger Borch – January’s Coach In Residence

Daniel Zangger Borch is one of Sweden’s most in-demand vocal coaches. We’ve given Daniel a sentence or less to give us his Top Tips!

Discover your vocal id

- the quest to find your originality should be at the top of your list – says Daniel Zangger Borch

New vocal coach in residence

Daniel Zangger Borch is one of Sweden’s most recognized vocal coaches,

Get your riffing right

Knowing when, where and how much is vital – says Daniel Zangger Borch.

Vocalists who make it

– Daniel Zangger Borch reveals the secrets behind a professional career in music.

Vocal WOD

It´s fun… It´s simple… and it works…

– Vocal Workout Of The Day – Powered by Zangger

Top Vocal Coach Daniel Zangger Borch Ph.D. has designed this optimal vocal workout-system for singers. In perfect you will be guided through all aspects needed to make your voice reach and stay in the perfect shape, entitled VocalWOD.

You don´t have to think about when, what or how to workout your voice, just follow the “vocal-wod”, day by day.

You need to be familiar with the skills and melodies used in the workouts, they can be found in The Ultimate Vocal Voyage or purchase the 100 day workout book, where the whole workout setup and programming is explained.

Certified Vocal Coach

Certified Zangger Vocal Coach & Instructor

  • Deepen Your Profession as a Voice Teacher and Coach
  • Achieve a Solid Scientific Bedrock for Your Teaching
  • Become Part of an Worldwide Community of Coaches/Teachers
  • Receive One-On-One Instruction from a World-Leading Coach
  • Be Recognized in the Teaching/Coaching World

Zangger Certification brings the highest quality coaching and teaching into the art of singing popular music. Your certification includes the latest in scientifically-grounded teaching materials, one-on-one sessions with Daniel Zangger Borch, Ph.D. and entrance into a high-level world-wide community of teachers and coaches dedicated to contemporary vocal styles.

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If you are interested in booking Daniel Zangger Borch for vocal coaching, voice lessons, vocal producing, workshops or presentations – send us a mail and we will get back to you immediately.

Daniel is based in Stockholm but regularly works other major cities around the world and is also available for Skype lessons.

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