Articles & research

All articles are written by Daniel Zangger Borch, unless otherwise indicated.

“Daniel has several important questions that should be processed and disseminated to singing teachers — and everyone interested in popular singing.” Johan Sundberg, Professor Emeritus


My Top Three Vocal Tips PDF 54 KB. To be able to ”go all the way” with your singing you have to give ALL three ”T’s” an equal amount of attention.

Falsetto Register PDF 724 KB. A study of the use of the falsetto registers in singing.

Voice qualities and ideals PDF 756 KB. There are innumerable voice qualities and ideals. An ideal in itself is often a combination of several other ideals. This is a list of some of the most common expressions and vocal ideals.

Blast from the past PDF 20 KB. In English. Thoughts about looped rhythms and their tendency to put people into trance.

Is the “Sacculus” our inherited key to experiencing the very soul of music – Rhythm? PDF 20 KB. Why do we like to hear our own voice in group at football matches & why we are attracted to listen to music at high volume?

Observations of timing in a Funk groove PDF 648 KB. A study of the timing specific to Funk music. By Matthias Rath & Daniel Zangger Borch.


Investigation describing voice function of four nonclassical styles of singing PDF 729 KB. Some Phonatory and Resonatory Characteristics of the Rock, Pop, Soul, and Swedish Dance Band Styles of Singing. By Daniel Zangger Borch & Johan Sundberg, KTH.

Vocal fold vibration and voice source aperiodicity in ‘dist’ tones PDF 497 KB. A study of a timbral ornament in rock singing. Published in Logopedics Phoniatrics Vocology. By D. Zangger Borch, J. Sundberg, P-Å Lindestad and M. Thalén.

Spectral distribution of solo voice & accompaniment in pop music PDF 60 KB. A study of the tonal variations of male rock, pop and soul singers. Published in Logopedics Phoniatrics vocology. By Daniel Zangger Borch & Johan Sundberg, KTH.