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A Catastrophic Introduction to Voice Training
I will never forget the experience when I was 18 and recording my first album. I had acquired nodules from extensive voice use during the intense rehearsal and touring period prior to the recording. I acted on advice and found a classical singing teacher – there were no contemporary-oriented teachers at this time. This was my first experience with a classical singing teacher (these were the only ones around at the time). After intense vocal practice and technical adjustments according to the classical singing style, I believed I changed my vocal technique into a “safe” one. But the sound that resulted from this classical technique was wrong for me as a rock singer. I learned this the hard way through this catastophic review following my tour: “Daniel is a great singer but he sounds like a musical theatre singer in a rock band” Voice instruction for contemporary singers should never result in this!

This experience spurred me on to find a solid basis for vocal production adapted to the genres of popular music. I studied and reflected through numerous recordings, TV shows, singing tours, coaching, and a Ph.D. in Music Performance. Now, all of this work has come together in a program that will make the difference for you when working with popular music singing.

A Scientific Bedrock

It is truly an exciting time in the world of voice pedagogy. After decades of competing celebrity methods and confusing debates about methods and terms, a consensus is growing among professionals about solid ways forward with the voice. It is only recently that contemporary singing has come under this scientific scrutiny. It is still the case that many singers search for vocal tips and lessons on the Internet – where anybody can claim that their approach is “grounded” without any proper review of these claims by professional bodies. The need for qualification in this area is greater than ever when developing singing in popular music.

Singers and sometimes even vocal coaches and singing teachers I work with often have gaps in knowledge with acoustics, physiology, anatomy, morphology, as well as pedagogical, physiological and methodical aspects. All of these parameters play a major role in developing a singer’s vocal skills and artistic language. Even though some of these aspects are the same for all humans (e.g. anatomy, acoustics) there is a huge variability within individuals. This is why solid science needs to be carefully connected to personal instruction.

I’ve long believed that singers of contemporary genres could be better connected to sound scientific principles. In fact, this is what drove me to advanced research with Professor Johan Sundberg at the Royal College of Technology in Stockholm, where I studied voice function in popular music singing.

Zangger Certification for Success

Years of coaching and instruction for singers of all ages – from local schools and individual lessons to high profile work with leading reality TV shows  – has emphasized for me the importance of grounding singing in proven principles so that the voice can be set free for long-term singing success. Now, this new certification is bringing teachers and coaches an exciting and grounded way to deepen their own professional approach to their clients.

Of course, as coaches and teachers, we bring our own gifts to the process as we find ways to improve our own (or our client’s) vocal skills. This includes our own experimental process. Zangger Certification clarifies the difference between experimentation and science, and assists teachers with understanding, communicating and developing solid insights about basic voice functions.

But science can’t be fully apprehended outside of a quality learning-teaching relationship. That’s why Zangger certification includes one-on-one sessions. In these sessions you will be coached on this as well as other individually aspects needed for the certification.

Students and teachers can become confused with vocal “gurus” who sometimes invent terms and insist that these are “orthodox” in comparison to other terms.  But I really don’t believe in inventing new terminology where one already exists.  In fact, there is an existing vocabulary already accepted by voice professionals (e.g. vocalists, speech pathologist, singing teachers’, phoniatricians, engineers), to describe a phenomenon commonly used in popular music singing. Sometimes there is a reason to introduce a new term – but only if they point to new and relevant factors not already widely addressed. Zangger Certification clarifies these issues for voice teachers and coaches

My experience consists of thirty years as an active singer and artist, including numerous recordings, tours, TV-shows and thousands of coach hours. I also completed a Ph.D. ”Singing In Popular Music Genres” which was devoted a scientifically sound principles for voice production in contemporary genres. I’ve been fortunate enough to apply my methods to leading singing stars and in my work with reality TV shows. After all, we are all looking for the ultimate transition from practice to performance. This is what Zangger Certification is dedicated to.

The Results of Your Zangger Certification:

  • In depth knowledge of all key aspects of contemporary singing.
  • Knowledge of basic voice function.
  • A serious interest in singing development.
  • Awareness of your own key strengths and areas of development.
  • A well-documented and substantial experience from your artistry, lead singing, including professional recordings, concerts etc.
  • The ability to accompany the majority of the exercises in a roughly the same groove and harmonies as presented on the recordings you will receive.
  • Knowledge about the basic technical equipment and how they apply used in the singer’s chain when recording and for smaller gigs (Mic types, mic technique, connection plugs, compressor, equalization and effects.
  • A meaningful certification that links you with a worldwide professional body of singers and singing teachers/vocal coaches.


The Certification Package

  • Three video-link “one-on-one” sessions with Daniel Zangger Borch, Ph.D. for unique assessment and coaching on areas needed for the certification.
  • Guided preparation for your Examination session.
  • The Examination Session.
  • The book Ultimate Vocal Voyage in pdf and mp3 format.
  • The Zangger certification logo digitally.
  • The certification diploma.
  • Listing as “Certified Zangger Vocal Coach & Instructor” on Zangger Website.
  • 10 % discount on all Zangger products and merchandise.
  • A guaranteed invitation on all Zangger Workshops.


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