“They (Daniel Zangger Borch and Mattias Carlsson) have meant a lot for my performance. They managed to bring out what’s deep inside of me”

“One of the best Vocal Coaches I know of is Daniel Zangger Borch. He coached me last year when I did ”Amazing” and was a huge support.”

“I encourage all voice teachers to add this book to their collection”

(Ultimate Vocal Voyage by Daniel Zangger Borch)

“A must have core text for the contemporary vocalist”

(Ultimate Vocal Voyage by Daniel Zangger Borch)

“You rarely find such a good example of how a book and CD are complementing each other”

(Stora sångguiden by Daniel Zangger Borch)

“For an active singer with a good basic technique, the book may provide new ideas and inspiration!”

(Stora sångguiden by Daniel Zangger Borch)


Here are some of the clients of Zangger, top vocal coach in Sweden and internationally


Arash, Aysel Teymur, Peter Asplund,  Anna Bergendahl, Boppers, Brent Carter (Tower of Power), Shirley Clamp, Gina Dirawi, Isaac Elliot, Anton Ewald, Elnur Huseynov, Sarah Dawn Finer, Gabriel Forss, Carola Häggkvist, Patrik Isaksson, Janet Leon, Lykke li, Christer Lindarw, David Lindgren, Hanna Lindblad, Daniel Lindström, Panetoz, Rednex, Ola Salo, Danny Saucedo, Top Cats, YES, Maher Zain


Mikael Persbrandt,  Kristian Luuk, Jonas Malmsjö, Kim Sulocki, Rennie Mirro.

Lisa Ekström – SAS, Mia brunell, CEO Kinnevik, Peter Elam Håkansson – founder, East Capital

Schools & Institutions

The British Voice Association (London), The Royal Academy of Music (Stockholm),  ANATS – Australian National Association of Teachers of Singing,  Ingesund College of Music, Röstfrämjandet/Röstforum (Stockholm), Eolia school of Music & Drama (Barcelona), Malmö College of Music, Piteå College of Music, Örebro College of Music, KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm) Stockholm Music Conservatory, The Stockholm University College of Music Education, Fryshuset, Kulturama, Rytmus.

Record-, & production companies 

Sony  Music AB, 2Entertain, Extensive Music AB, Blixten & Company AB, Meter Film & Television AB, Warner Music Sweden AB, Universal Music AB , M & L records, United Stage Artist (US), EMA Telstar AB, Bonnier Amigo Music Group, Wasa Music AB, Mtv Mastiff, Wallmans Nöjen, Baluba, Warner Chappell Music, Lionheart International records AB.

Speakers, Studio, MTG Media Group, Radiopalatset, Rubberduck, Cinepost, Cowboys sound, Business Entertainment, Musikermagasinet, Röstläget, Logopedics Phoniatrics Vocology, Journal Of Voice, Backstage, Voice Council.

And many many more…..

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